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Powertech Electricals is a pioneer in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of Electrical, Plumbing and related services in Kerala and Karnataka for the last twenty years.

Three principles underpin the Modern International plan:

  • Creating Identity
  • Creating Place
  • Creating Quality

Our core divisions comprise of electrical services to the commercial and industrial sectors and provide services in engineering and design, manufacture, installation and maintenance.

The Group has built the most sophisticated skill and technologies within its workforce supported by specialist contractor alliances to cater the full spectrum of required specialist skills to provide the best in manufacturing, maintenance, design, and installation solutions available throughout Kerala and Karnataka.

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Work force

Introducing Powertech Electricals

We have the required in house resources including Design engineers, Professional project managers, Draftsman and a workforce that encompasses numerous trade people which provides a unique set of skills, covering all project installation and maintenance requirements.

Our commitment to employees and their sincere co-operation is considered to be a major contributing factor to the growth and success of Powertech and is demonstrated by the length of service and training that has been provided to our team members.

We offers specialized services in all areas of Mechanical, Electrical, and ,Fire fighting design, which includes specialised in house design and drafting teams, to construction and site based personnel.

“Our mission is to be the business partner of choice for design and construction of commercial and industrial building services"


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Client Focus

  • The motto of ours is to provide best services to our clients who are masters of us. The client is at the forefront of Powertech Electricals core beliefs.
  • We patiently listen to our client to provide the king of service that they will deliver themselves.
  • The value of our services can be measured in terms of time saved, creative solutions, eliminating coordination difficulties and the costs associated with it, real cost savings, and enhancing the functionality of the systems of clients.
  • We believe in developing long-term relationships with our clients. So we make it a priority to understand our clients and their short and long term. objectives. We at Powertech Electricals have a simple philosophy and that is “The client comes first”.

Value added to the projects by:

  • Providing strategic advice at the commencement of the project.
  • A one stop shop for the clients. All design and implementation are handled by Powertech Electricals.
  • One point of responsibility.
  • Expertise from around the globe.
  • Commitment to the client.
  • Pride in the execution of the project.
  • Utilizing modern design and construction techniques.



  • Powertech Electricals has the resources that can provide the management, support and system designs to meet any requirements.
  • We have the equipment and the means to build pre-fabricated systems.
  • The design team comprises specialist designers who are experts in their fields.
  • Real time communications between Powertech Electricals offices and site offices are employed to ensure accuracy of installations.
  • Our construction teams are sourced from around the world. All are highly experienced in the delivery of multi-disciplinary projects. We do not use individual multi-skilling. Instead, we use individuals that are experts in their fields and bring those experts together to form a world class team.
  • All designs are coordinated using state of the art computer aided drafting tools.
  • At Powertech Electricals you will find a treasure of specialized technocrats’ in all technical matters, strategic planning, commercial cost control and project delivery.

Nikshan Electronics


PowerTech Electricals is the best! The manager and on-site electricians were fast, responsive and accurate. There is no doubt that PowerTech Electricals will be our electrical contractor for ALL future projects.

MRA Bakery & Restaurant

Palayam, Thiruvananthapuram

Our company has had the pleasure of working with PowerTech on numerous projects.

Confident Atik

Sarjapur hobli,Sompura

PowerTech has proven to be a company that exhibits the highest level of professionalism and credibility.


Our Valuable Clients

Vittal Agro Industries

Kasaragod, Kerala
250 KVA Transformer & 200 KVA Generator with all electrical Installation.

Century Fashion city

Textiles Taliparamba
200 KVA Indoor Transformer & 160 KVA Generator with all electrical installation.

Surya Apartment

Kannur,Luxury Apartment
400 KVA indoor Transformer & 62.5 KVA Generator with all electrical installation.

JR Complex

Kannur,Shopping complex
200 KVA indoor transformer & 50 KVA Generator with all electrical installation.

Special foods Pvt. Ltd

Kerala Leading Branded Spices & Pickles Manufacturing Company 125 KVA Generator and combined electrical installation

Heroply Wood

125 KVA Generator

Lexus oyster Apartment

Luxury Apartment, Kannur
250 KVA Indoor Transformer & 50 KVA Generator with all electrical installation.

City Centre

Commercial complex, Taliparamba,
315 KVA Indoor Transformer & 200 KVA Indoor Transformer

Nikshan Electronics

Kannur ,Showroom
160 KVA Generator,63 KVA Generator with all electrical installation.

MRA Bakery & Restaurant

Palayam, Thiruvananthapuram
82.5 KVA DG set with all electrical work.

Kerala Water supply project

(Japan aided project, Taliparamba)
315 KVA Indoor cooled transformer and 250 HP water Pump – 3 nos.

Lamiya silks

200 KVA Indoor Transformer & 200 KVA Generator with all electrical installation.

Lamiya silks

200 KVA Indoor Transformer & 200 KVA Generator with all electrical installation.

Ableez Apartment


Romana centre

Uduma, Kasaragode , Commercial complex
200 KVA Indoor Transformer with all electrical installation.

Landmark Hotels Pvt. Ltd.

3 star hotel Kanhangad, Kasaragod
200 KVA DG with all electrical installation.

M.M Tower

Puthiyatheru, Kannur, Commercial Complex
200 KVA Indoor Transformer with all electrical installation.

Sreesiva Granite

250 KVA outdoor Transformer & 200 KVA Generator with all electrical installation.

City Square Commercial complex

Taliparamba, Commercial complex
250 KVA Indoor Transformer with all electrical installation.

Lexus Queen Apartment

Kannur, Luxury Apartment
250 KVA Indoor Transformer with all electrical installation.

Sathyam Roller Floor Mill

Sathyam Roller Floor Mill 630 KVA Outdoor Transformer with all electrical installation.

VinayakaGolden Mall MultiPlex Theatre

200 KVA,160 KVA Indoor Multipanel Transformer and Generators Including all electrical Installation.

Confident Atik

Sarjapur hobli,Sompura Bengaluru,Karnataka

Confident Aquilla

Near Sompura Gate,Sarjapur road Bengaluru,Karnataka

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Our Address

AJRU Tower, Federal Bank Building,3 rd floor
N H Taliparamba , kannur, Kerala